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Where is Wagner & Co based?

Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. We’ve been all around North America to film weddings and are keen for an adventure anywhere we’re invited.

Who will I be working with when I book with you?

Amy and Tomasz are the friendly humans you’ll be speaking with throughout the process of working with Wagner & Co. However, doing what we love and do best requires a team effort and we’re lucky to have an incredible team of filmmakers at our side. You’ll be assigned to one of our talented associate cinematographers based on their availability and your wedding location. Our editor masterfully takes care of the curation and cuts. And everything comes back to Amy and Tomasz for finalization: adjustments, colour grading, and the final delivery.

How far out can we book you?

Up to 18 months in advance.

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How much do you charge and what does this include?

Our packages start at $5,500. To keep things simple, all of our packages include:

  • One shooter from Wagner & Co. as your cinematographer
  • 9 continuous hours of coverage
  • Personalized client home page for easy viewing
  • Multiple downloadable formats: archival, web, and social versions including at least 1 Instagram Reel
  • Collection of stills to enjoy and share

Send us an inquiry to access our comprehensive packages guide to learn more about the different types of wedding videos we offer. We provide customized quotes for multi-day weddings.

Why do your packages include just one cinematographer?

For us, being selective about what we shoot and how we shoot, are essential to making a creative wedding video. This is where having just one cinematographer comes in. Instead of filming anything and everything that catches our eye, we capture with careful attention to the moments, people, and considered details that contribute to the overall spirit of your celebration. Doing so allows us to stay curious and creative throughout the entire wedding day. We get to pick up on both the small gestures as well as the grand moments when we shoot with intention. This approach ultimately results in a better, more unique video for you to look back on. Additionally, having 2-4 shooters is not our idea of efficiency or fun, especially when many of the clients we work with prefer a mostly non-obtrusive, personal approach. Lastly, for weddings requiring travel we can help reduce costs for airfare if there’s only one cinematographer to consider.

How would you describe your style?

Our videos are all about conveying the overall energy of your wedding and striking that perfect balance of joy, sentiment, and fun. Moments, interactions, and heart wrapped up in a thoughtful and impactful HIGHLIGHT video are our main focus. We love a bit of humour, too.

While our approach to filming is mostly documentary in style, we want to get to know you. We love incorporating some fun interactive bits whenever possible, especially if you’re up for making your videos extra personal and cheeky. We’re keen on celebrating you as a couple but we also recognize that a wedding isn’t just about two people. We also love including the humans and non-humans you’ve invited as much as possible in our wedding videos.

What is Super 8mm and why do you sometimes use it?

Super 8mm is a motion picture film format beloved by international fashion brands and indie enthusiasts alike. Over the past decade of using this medium, we’ve been in love with everything about it: the built-in nostalgia; the way it interprets colour and expresses movement; the beautiful textures and grain you can only find in actual film stock. And perhaps most of all, the way it elevates a moment while staying true to its humble, natural, and home movie-like qualities.

One of our favourite experiences while shooting Super 8mm is how often guests delight at the very sight of the camera. “What is that?” we often hear. The click, and then the actual film spool whirring into action. This analogue format is something so few get to experience.

We offer a variety of Super 8mm videos including the 8MM SHOWCASE (4 mins) and 8MM FEATURE (10-12 mins). And as you can see on our website, many of our couples love incorporating Super 8mm into their HIGHLIGHT videos.

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Do you incorporate voice-over audio?

Most of our videos do not have voice-overs. We love cinema’s ability to convey mood and emotion without the need for dialogue and that is especially true of our snappy HIGHLIGHT and nostalgic SUPER 8MM videos.

That said, we do offer traditional coverage of the CEREMONY and SPEECHES using 4K digital footage and professional recorded audio.

Can you provide the raw video footage?

No, and here’s why:

The hundreds of clips our cameras produce at a wedding are the unedited building blocks we use to create the creative videos you see throughout our portfolio. If we skip out on the extensive but essential process of working on your footage, we aren’t providing you with the elevated experience we’ve been hired for: to thrill you with the unexpected, offer you our unique take on your wedding, and preserve your memories at their best.

Pouring our knowledge and expertise into your footage is a time-consuming process, no doubt about it. But all of it is necessary: working with you to curate a soundtrack, identifying the right moments, cutting and timing these to music, making adjustments and corrections to audio where needed, colour grading every scene to convey a mood and style, and more.

We want you to be as thrilled as possible with everything we create for you and we know that raw footage won’t provide that feeling: that extra something you’re hoping for in a wedding film. We’re not at your wedding to simply record what happens: we’re here to elevate, apply our magic (AKA experience, training, intuition, technical expertise, love for what we do) to create something for you that’s both extraordinary and unexpected.

So, if you’re wanting quantity over quality, or aren’t terribly interested in our style or vision, we’re unfortunately not the best fit for you.

Do you offer coverage of cultural events and traditions?

We know that cultural ceremonies often have traditions that are worth preserving and sharing. For example, Sikh weddings often involve the Baraat or the arrival of the groom, and the Milni or the meeting of the families. Our traditional “Ceremony” coverage normally prioritizes the main event or the “Anand Karaj” at the Gurdwara but if coverage of these other events and traditions is important to you, let’s chat about customized coverage.

When can we expect to receive our videos?

We try to strike a balance between allowing your memories to simmer (on a low, even heat) and giving ourselves the time to pour all of our creativity and care into your videos. This is why we don’t offer same day edits or sneak peeks. That said, we don’t think it’s reasonable to keep you waiting for a year or more. Our sweet spot for delivery is within 16 weeks (4 months) but if we can get everything to you sooner, we certainly will. In any case, we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

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Do you offer photography services?

Our creative director, Tomasz Wagner, has you covered. We’re happy to work with photographers who vibe with our style but we’re especially chuffed when working alongside people who care as much as we do about making great art for, and with, you.

Plus, if you book both photo and cinema services, the collaborative approach we’ve had for the past decade will always result in extra personalized coverage for you.

How do we secure you for our date?

Once we receive a signed contract and non-refundable booking retainer (50%), we’re all yours. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, you legends.