David and Leonard

This modern love at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler
gay wedding couple hugging in the forest in whistler

David and Leonard’s wedding at the Audain Art Museum in Whistler had us marveling at the friends and family they gathered from New York, Hong Kong, and beyond to celebrate them: two grooms and husbands to be declaring their all for each other in the majestic destination that is Whistler, BC. The day couldn’t have been more perfect:

Blessings from your family and friends during a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with everyone playing the part in their red Tang suits and Qipao. The two of you, magnificent and golden. Overwhelmed and in tears signaling to us that everyone is truly in the moment (you gotta love it). And then your entrance, hand in hand, to greet your adoring fans at the Audain Art Museum. Mad style, the pines rising above, and that lift in your dance routine at the Cressey Hall. With the two of you together, carrying your hearts as one, you can be sure the best is yet to come.

As a filmmaking team, it isn’t lost on us how incredibly special it is to document a same sex wedding, especially one that’s fully embraced by young and old alike, and across cultures. By witnessing and elevating these moments, we hope you get a sense of who our couples are: who they are together, and who they are to their friends and family. Cheers to you, David and Leonard. 

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guests enjoying drinks in the atrium of the audain art museum
chinese father crying during son's wedding ceremony
gay wedding couple and their wedding party wearing traditional chinese clothing
guests sitting on the grand staircase at the audain art museum
chinese grooms dancing at the audain art museum
guests at the cocktail reception at the audain art museum
gay wedding couple with their wedding party
chinese tea ceremony taking place in whistler
chinese grooms wearing traditional gold tang suits
gay wedding couple dancing inside the audain art museum