Dana and Kate

Two brides are better than one at the Holly Farm in Carmel Valley

We have a soft spot for these two brides, marvellous womxn, and down to earth lovers. With the ever outstanding Holly Farm in the Carmel Valley hosting such a joyous union and wedding, Dana and Kate reminded us of what love can do when it’s held and shaped and shared by humans who surround themselves with the very best.

We’ll let them do the talking about their origin story:

“We met at San Francisco pride three years ago. I (Dana) was visiting a friend in San Francisco for the weekend, and she had happened to have made a new friend recently (Kate). We were introduced at a party that evening and hit it off. The entire weekend was magic, but we hadn’t quite realized what we had stumbled across. I headed back to San Diego after the weekend, but we started texting and just couldn’t stop! Later that summer, Kate had a crazy month of work travel, and we ended up meeting up every weekend, all over the country – LA, Philadelphia, NYC. By Labor Day, we both knew this was something special and something different, and I moved up to San Francisco to make it work. She had planned to quit her job and travel the world for 6 months before grad school, and changed all of her travel plans to be in the bay area and keep nurturing our relationship. She didn’t want to gamble on what we had found because she knew it was the real deal.”

The Holly Farm was the perfect venue for these two brides

The ones you’ve invited to share in this day with you, the ones who will show up for you time and time again throughout your marriage. Coming alive and choosing each other forever. A dream made real through neon: “I swear I thought I dreamed her.” The lush and welcoming vibes radiating from every corner of the Holly Farm and the way it simply feels right to have found the perfect wedding venue. The largest and most outrageous group of bridesmaids and bridesmen. Asking our brides to shoot their own wedding videos since now and forever. Raising you up during the hora during all of the dance floor mayhem. Feasting, drinking, dancing: what a perfect way to start a marriage. Delicious cuts of Super 8mm film.

This wedding film perfectly captures the qualities we really try to highlight in the W&CO experience: that at the centre of all this song and dance we call wedding cinematography and filmmaking, there’s heart, and joy, and play in what we do. And we can’t be doing this without all of you and the energy you bring to your lives, your celebration, and the time we get to be together. Thank you, Dana and Kate.

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wedding day preparations underway at the holly farm
large wedding party dancing together
two brides holding hands after the wedding ceremony at holly farm
neon signage at a holly farm wedding
bride dancing with father during first dances
two brides kissing in front of a backdrop
wedding guests enjoying the entertainment at holly farm
super 8mm film capturing two brides dancing