Gary and Kyle

Diamond eyes at the Heritage Hall in Vancouver
gay couple during their first dance

Our wedding films aren’t generally known as emotional; the kind that have you wondering who’s still cutting onions during your eleventh viewing. But something about Gary and Kyle and the company they keep have made our hearts full. Maybe it’s because of our team’s connections to the LGBTQ community that have us welling up with pride and gratitude every time we get to be a part of that love. On a beautiful summer’s day in Vancouver, these two grooms made it official at QE Park and treated their guests to a reception—and party like no other—at the Heritage Hall on Main Street.

The following is a glimpse into the day that was theirs:

The loveliness of a ceremony planned just for mum who could not be at the official celebration.  Your beating hearts when you glimpse each other: lover to lover, husband to husband. Your biggest fans witnessing and celebrating who you are, as you are, and your ability to bring them all together. Filled with awe while celebrating the art of drag because no one can hold a candle to this queen. Wishing the night would never end because these are the moments that affirm that your love was always meant to be. Delicious cuts of Super 8mm film.

What particularly moved us about this wedding was the kaleidoscope of generations, characters, humans (and pups) made of stardust—all arriving at this place and at this time for Gary and Kyle. What a ride, a delight, and a sob fest all at once. 

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gay couple is married at qe park celebration pavilion
the best drag queen performing at a gay wedding in vancouver
wedding guests dancing at heritage hall in vancouver
wedding guests watching a drag performance
white with gold trim wedding cake
drag queen performing at a gay wedding in vancouver
couple dancing at a wedding at the heritage hall in vancouver
grooms holding hands with elderly mother
gay couple dancing at heritage hall on their wedding day
super 8mm film of gay couple wed at qe park in vancouver