Leigh and Sam

Swiped right at the Yamashiro in Los Angeles

A wedding at Yamashiro in Los Angeles with two lovers who can tell their story better than we can:

“In the true millennial spirit, Sam and Leigh met on a dating app. Leigh was bored on a 14-hour flight from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, swiped right, and the rest is history.

Leigh and Sam’s time together can be safely described as an adventure. Sam introduced Leigh to axe-throwing, baseball and quesadillas (two “l’s” are pronounced like a “y” Leigh!). And Leigh taught Sam to be (slightly less) afraid of spiders, how to pronounce “emu,” and that proper lighting is essential to any selfie.

Together they’ve survived earthquakes, a car crash, a pandemic, LA traffic, and some truly terrifying meal attempts by Sam. With all of life’s troubles clearly behind them, they decided the best thing would be to create more and get married.”

And this is how we saw and experienced their wedding day:

Hand in hand, an easy-going stroll through the streets of LA with your husband to be. Mean Girls table markers because you can’t sit with us. The very best dressed gathered in Yamashiro’s courtyard for an entirely different ceremonial experience. Bubble guns and all of that sage green and lavender. Fuzzy technicolour dreams as your guests show the camera some love. All hail the (drag) queen and the botanical inspired suit you designed. Delicious cuts of Super 8mm film.

Sometimes our wedding films feel like explosions in the sky, and sometimes they want to charm you with the little moments that provide glimpses into the personalities of the beautiful humans we get to collaborate with. We lean heavily into capturing you as you are, never wanting to force a moment or interaction because what fun is that? Thanks heaps, Leigh and Sam, for inviting us into your lives and your world within worlds in Los Angeles. 

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wedding guests enjoying a ceremony at yamashiro in los angeles
two married men kissing at their wedding ceremony at yamashiro in LA
groom smiling while shooting a bubble gun at the camera
drag queen performing at a wedding in los angeles
groom shooting bubble gun at the camera
wedding guests enjoying bubble guns at a wedding in LA
wedding guests captured on super 8 film
drag queen pointing at gay couple at their wedding in los angeles
portrait of gay couple with a kaleidoscope effect