Emily and Brian

Glam and sparkle at Race & Religious in New Orleans

Since filming our first wedding in New Orleans at possibly the most perfect venue (Race & Religious), we’ve been lucky to reconnect with this brilliant city and its friendly folks a few more times. Whoever’s making this happen in the universe, please don’t ever stop the good vibes, especially if they happen to involve humans with a penchant for sparkle, outrageous costumes, and mega dance parties like our good friends, Emily and Brian here who couldn’t dream up a better wedding in New Orleans.

Crossing the Atlantic from London, these two charismatic souls decided to host their two-day wedding in the most perfect party city, suitcases packed with glittering garments and ready for the goodness to come:

Being escorted by the police during your second line down the always raucous Bourbon Street. Pre-party pool times to cool off in the 30C heat of NOLA. The sweetest first look complete with a twirl. Surrounded by sequined bunting, paper fans, and floral dresses while the crowd cheers you on at Race & Religious. Doing our work for us while filming your best friend on the vintage goodness that is Super 8mm film. Lighting up the second half of an already epic night with a sparkly outfit change Mardi Gras style: beads, vests, wigs, crowns, eyeshadow. Anything that could be glammed up was thanks to you and your incredible friends/family. And as per usual: delicious cuts of Super 8mm film.

Cheers, ya glorious party animals. We’ll never forget what it means to celebrate in the Hersholt way.

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wedding party standing outside historic race and religious in new orleans
wedding guest wearing mardi gras inspired silver wig
best wedding reception venue in new orleans
wedding guests fanning themselves during hot weather
bride filming groom using vintage super 8 camera
groom holding bouquet on super 8mm film
mardi gras inspired wedding filmed in new orleans