Nav and Andre

This kind of joy at Riverlands Equestrian in Pemberton

Nav and Andre’s Sikh fusion wedding had us taking in the majestic sights of Riverlands Equestrian in Pemberton and the always exceptional Audain Art Museum in Whistler. No matter how many times we’ve visited this part of our backyard, we’re constantly reminded of how incredible it is to have access to a gorgeous meadow and a modern architectural wonder within a few hours of Vancouver. We can’t think of a better pair of locations to host all of your friends and family from around the globe and showcase this very special part of British Columbia.

But more than that, is Nav and Andre’s story of perseverance:

“While Nav and I grew together and became very close, we knew we had a big challenge coming up – Nav’s family. In Sikh culture, it’s not very common to date (let alone marry) outside of the culture, and we knew this would be a big hurdle for us. In fact, when Nav’s family was told about the relationship, it nearly broke us. The family couldn’t quite understand how they’d tell others in the family, and it wasn’t received well. André even went to visit Nav’s parents unannounced, and they said that this relationship wouldn’t work.

Nav and André thought it was best to take a break from the relationship, but never lost touch with each other. Nav moved out of her family’s home, and both of us were taking steps to work on ourselves. After about a year, and lots of self reflection, we grew the strength we needed to face any hurdles – even the family hurdles. André showed up at Nav’s place and asked if we could do this for real – that we forget the outside noise, other opinions, other factors – and that we just focus on our love for each other. Nav said yes, and we never looked back!”

Fast forward to the day that was theirs:

Flashes of colour everywhere you looked. Belly laughs and solemn smiles while the Milni opens up this time of celebration. Moments of peace and prayer in the glow of Riverlands Equestrian. Voices lifting you up and moving you to tears. Stuck in a daydream as the gentlest of breezes washes over you. And then you marry your best friend in a meadow, while horses gallop in the distance. Your guests arrive at the Audain, ready to kick off the evening’s programme. And not a detail was missed thanks to Nav and Andre’s fine and impeccable taste. This here’s the kind of happiness we hope you’ll enjoy for the rest of your days. The loveliest humans joining you from all corners of the world for a thoughtful fusion of all the qualities that make you, you. Delicious cuts of Super 8mm film.

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beautiful meadow at riverlands equestrian in pemberton
mother hugging crying daughter during sikh wedding ceremony
lovely moment of the bride and groom captured on super 8mm film
sikh wedding ceremony
wedding guest laughing during joyful sikh ceremony
wedding party walking with indian bride at riverlands in pemberton
groom flashing peace sign while captured on super 8mm film
guests walking into audain art museum
creative guest photo taken outside the audain art museum
kaleidoscope image of bride and groom